How to Keep Sub Saharan African Countries Poor

Number 1: It begins with foreign aid. Foreign aid is meant to keep the country poor. It works like this; the west (western Europe and America) gives money to a leader of a sub-Saharan nation. This looks like the country is on the rise because the West wants to invest by giving loans to the nation. However, foreign aid is designed to keep the country poor by corrupt leaders making sure of it.

Number 2: Foreign aid creates a debt to the country. When the country accepts the money, the foreign aid, they become indebted to the IMF (International Monetary Fund).

Number 3: Monopolized buying structures; what this means is companies will go to these countries in industries, like bananas, drive the price down so low and monopolize the price. It’s outrageous and keeps farmers and countries poor.

Number 4:

International Economic Institution Establishments and this means institutions like world banks, IMF, etc., declare war on the poor. The rich and rich countries need the poor countries to do the work the rich countries don’t want to do. Therefore the poor countries need to produce the produce the rich want and need. They do this by making sure the poor have out-of-balance payment problems.

Number 5: Destruction of Food Self-Sufficiency – have you seen the Snickers commercials back in the day where a calm relatively normal person would get hungry and turn into an animal or out-of-control being? They used to make me chuckle and laugh. Well, through those commercials and life, we get a very clear look at how we humans can get once hungry.

Moody, angry, and very annoyed. To pacify our mood, our annoyance, and our anger, we just need food. Guess who controls the food; the rich countries and the rich. They destroy poor countries’ ability to produce food. Is this a lie, look in your backyard and see how extravagant your vegetation is!

Number 6:

Poor Educational Curriculums: poverty and wealth are related to the level of education or lack thereof. Thus, poor countries lack good educational systems or they usher people into poor economic and financial fields.

This is how the curses of Deuteronomy 28 illuminate themselves in our modern world.



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