About Deut 28

When you consider the plight of the people of Israel, it is one of turbulence. You may ask church leaders today why God allowed HIS people to suffer so much, and ask for scriptural evidence. Church leaders have saturated our brains with every emotional verse- that actuality, even the truth is misplaced.

The truth is the children of Israel have been cursed as a people and not blessed. Conditions have happened to them and not to any other people- as a race. Why? Israel’s history is the greatest catastrophe (…for under the whole heaven hath not been done as hath been done upon Jerusalem.).

These questions answered in Deuteronomy 28

Why were they determined to go into slavery? Why were their children stolen from them? Why were their mothers violated? Why were their sisters marketed for wine? Why were their fathers altered and their brothers made into breeders? Why were their name and nationality changed?

Why were they sold into every government? Why were yokes of iron put upon the necks of Israel? Why were they sold on the auction blocks? Why did they come on slave ships? Why did they have to plant and pick vineyards they would never see the proceeds of? Why was a new religion (Christianity) and a new Jesus forced upon them?

It all may be the past, but why can’t the truth be discussed? Knowing the past will make us all stronger and understand the future. Knowing the past according to the LORD will help relieve many concerns that trouble our minds.

Yes, knowing the past will even clear up the struggles and problems we go through today, with others and one another. The so-called Negro-man or Nigerian have a rich history and a glorious future but we must acknowledge the one true God, His SON, and the Holy Scriptures HE left us by the prophets, our fathers.

We focus on Deuteronomy 28:15-68. The history that happened to the Israelites from the conquest of the Americas in 1492 until the slave trade, and the curses that repeated as a sign unto us.

THIS is what this website is about! Join the movement strangers, welcome home Israel and Judah.